Executive Director / CEO

Gidget Blank

Gidget began, what would become her career and life’s passion, nearly 20 years ago, working in the laundry department of a long term care facility.  Within a short time of employment, she realized how special the residents were and the importance of the relationships the residents had with the staff.

Gidget worked various positions in this facility throughout the years. She held the position of business office manager for several years, assisting families with their finances and insurance. In 2007, Gidget successfully completed the UW-Madison Nursing Home Administration Program and obtained her nursing home administrator license.  With her continuing education, experience, and outgoing personality, Gidget was promoted to Nursing Home Administrator at the company’s sister facility and has been an administrator since.

It’s important to Gidget that each day we strive for excellence, we provide service that enhances the quality of life of those we care for, and that our elderly feel loved, independent, and always treated with dignity, and respect. She believes a smile, a hug, love and compassion, are the best gifts one person can give to another.

Gidget was raised in the Hortonville and New London area. She has lived and raised her family in Marion since 1996.  She enjoys spending time with her husband and their grown children, reading, and listening to music.